ARTIST'S CORNER Sensorial Expressions and Emotion: Part II

Twelve years now since the publication of the first SVG requirements working draft! The idea of publishing a magazine dedicated to this technology first occurred in 2004 at the time of Tabula Rasa [1], a printed newsletter. The time seems right with the huge leap forward that was native SVG in Internet Explorer 9. All the long-time SVG aficionados have dreamt of it, have asked for it, sometimes politely, sometimes demanding, sometimes ranting, and now they have it. A well deserved reward for their unconditional commitment to the discipline. Because SVG grew to become one, and to denominate it simply a technology would be restrictive. Its public of adopters and followers is fantastically assorted: technicians, engineers, cartographers, math guys, scientists and artists alike. This is not a group, a sect, or anything of the kind, this is a family!

So then, like the mythological Phoenix, Tabula Rasa arises from its ashes and becomes SVG magazine. Well, the former didn't live five hundred years like the sacred Phoenix did, but we hope the latter will. In any case we will try to publish quarterly. Inside you will find resident columns and articles covering technique, coding, art and reviews. We hope more will spring off as the gears mesh.

To conclude, let me pick up the conclusion of Kurt Cagle's beautiful editorial for Tabula Rasa:

“If you have a story to tell, a work of art to show, a tool to promote, or even just a thought to express, please contact us at editors@svgmagazine.com”.