REPORT SVG Open 2011
SPOTS ON Mappetizer
ARTIST'S CORNER Interview: Art Science Factory

For our second issue we wish to thank all the contributors, and in particular Andreas Neumann for his report on the SVG Open 2011 conference, hosted this year by Microsoft. Among the many interesting things are announcements of projects which are intended to fill the gap between developers who have scripting and technology skills, and designers disciplined in the arts. read article >>

REPORT SVG Open 2011 Conference

The 9th annual SVG Open conference took place in Cambridge, MA, USA, from October 17-20, 2011. Seventy-five attendees presented their work or projects around SVG and interactive web graphics or informed themselves about the latest projects and standardization efforts. The conference was hosted by Microsoft in their NERD (New England Research and Development) center, read article >>

SPOTS ON Mappetizer Extension For ESRI/GIS Software

Since its early days, it appeared clearly that SVG was an interesting medium for web mapping applications. Within this environment we developed Mappetizer, an extension for the ESRI GIS software products, which allows the user to export maps from ArcGIS into the SVG format and then publish them on the web or on digital support read article >>


The need for a timer class is to gain full control over the timers created with the setTimeout() and setInterval() methods of the window object. The objective is to provide an API designed to fulfill the needs that any experienced developer has encountered while dealing with timers. When we look up timers in JavaScript code repositories or libraries we can see that practically all serious proposals use some method for storing and managing references to the timers. We will see that this is unnecessary, and we will also see that to destroy instances systematically is not the best practice read article >>

ARTIST'S CORNER Art With Science: A New Wave

SVG Magazine has a strong interest in collaboration between the scientific and artistic communities. The following interview, for an article entitled “Art with Science: A New Wave” was conducted by Stick Men Creation© , an online community of artists, with The Art Science Factory, a collaborative focused on the creative exchange between artists, scientists and citizens. Both are based in France. read article >>