REPORT SVG Open 2011
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ARTIST'S CORNER Interview: Art Science Factory


For our second issue we wish to thank all the contributors, and in particular Andreas Neumann for his exhaustive report on the SVG Open 2011 conference, hosted this year by Microsoft.

Among the many interesting things are announcements of projects which are intended to fill the gap between developers who have scripting and technology skills, and designers disciplined in the arts.

Are we trending towards tighter communication between scientists and artists? We stay in tune through an interview with the Art Science Factory.

The story of the developer and the UI designer is much like that of the chicken and the egg, with the difference that those from the former group pretend to ignore that one isn't born from the other. If I can venture my assessment of the situation, designers do know they need developers, while developers do say they need designers but really prefer to remain alone in their secret playground. Sin of pride? Or perhaps we just don't give a damn? Let's give it a good thought.

“If you have a story to tell, a work of art to show, a tool to promote, or even just a thought to express, please contact us at editors@svgmagazine.com”.