TECHNIQUES Adventures With SVG In ePub
JAVASCRIPT Keyboard Class
ARTIST’S CORNER The Art Of Programming

After a long vacation SVG magazine is back! True, at its birth–rebirth, we said, of Tabula Rasa, like the Phoenix–we promised to try to publish quarterly. Now it’s getting dangerously close to the Phoenix bit (five hundred years). You’ll have to be patient to see who wins the match, quarterly vs every 500 years.

But SVG magazine is back with a big surprise, an article signed Mr SVG himself, Jon Ferraiolo. Jon tells us the touching story of a man who, one day, found himself to be the end user of the thing he helped invent.read article >>

TECHNIQUES Adventures With SVG In ePub by Jon Ferraiolo

It is well known that SVG (at long last) is ubiquitous in modern browsers. The last holdouts (IE 8 and Android 2) are disappearing from the landscape, so developers can confidently use SVG within their web content.

Less well known is that SVG has also become ubiquitous within eBook readers. The eBook industry has rallied around the ePub standard, and that standard has required SVG support since its first ratification in 2006.read article >>

JAVASCRIPT Keyboard Class by Domenico Strazzullo

Ever been in the fields when you were a kid, trying to get that fat and ripe blackberry, over there, further up into that big bramble? Ouch! Keyboard input in an SVG document is quite straightforward, but then when trying to get backspace to work without causing this or that browser to go to the previous page, or this or that browser to do anything at all, or this or that browser simply just work, it’s like above: ouch!read article >>

ARTIST’S CORNER The Art of Programming by Calyn Rich

Programmers are, by definition, creators. The majority follow a certain mathematical, methodical thought process, writing line after line of code to produce amazing programs, websites, apps and more. Amidst the universal surge of young and motivated technical thinkers, one question remains. Are they making art? Programming is an art form in and of itself, as it involves fabrication through creative expression.read article >>