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After a long vacation SVG magazine is back! True, at its birth–rebirth, we said, of Tabula Rasa [1], like the Phoenix–we promised to try to publish quarterly. Now it’s getting dangerously close to the Phoenix bit (five hundred years). You’ll have to be patient to see who wins the match, quarterly vs every 500 years.

But SVG magazine is back with a big surprise, an article signed Mr SVG himself, Jon Ferraiolo. Jon tells us the touching story of a man who, one day, found himself to be the end user of the thing he helped invent. Many will be delighted to discover the best technique for producing lean SVG documents with, you know, that vector editing software... Ah, Illustrator. It seems he knows how to use it well.

We are also proud to introduce a truly talented young writer, Calyn Rich, a twenty-year-old computer science student. She tells us how we’re bridging the gap between art and programming, and starts with a promising “Programmers are, by definition, creators”. Although I fundamentally agree, I set out to look for a confirmation of that definition, but I quickly gave up. I said to myself, don’t look any further, there it is, the definition. Damn, I like people who have the courage of their opinions. Creators.

Last, you will find in the JavaScript column all you need to manage correctly the keyboard in your apps, by your humble and faithful servant.

“If you have a story to tell, a work of art to show, a tool to promote, or even just a thought to express, please contact us at editors@svgmagazine.com”.